Halftime update.

Just to recap, stage 1 is to get my Honda CM125C to the MOT point so I can at least start riding it. I seem to have done lots already but thought it good to just have a review of what I know I have got to do. The following is the list that I know about. As things get rebuilt and cleaned there are undoubtedly going to be other bits that come to light. I think progress is good and I am just about on target for a March MOT and road-trip. It will be the first time the bike has been on the road for nearly 10 years. Having completed stage 1 I will then embark on Stage 2. This will cover things like having top notch mudguards made and chromed, frame completely stripped and powder coated, tank and side panels professionally resprayed, stainless steel rear shocks and lots of other bits re-chromed.

The left passenger foot peg is missing.
One wing mirror is missing.
Air filter assembly is missing.
The brake pedal does not line up with the stop.
Speedo and idiot light units are loose.
Speedo cable needs greasing.
Chrome grab rail needs re-chroming.
Clutch and brake levers need new pivot bolts.
Exhaust down pipes are rusty and have holes in.
Chain cover painted purple and not very well.
Centre stand is missing and the frame is broken where the centre stand shaft should fit.
One of the frame studs to support the right hand rear shock is broken.
the Honda engine emblems have lost their red colour.
One of the plug caps is broken.
The engine timing plug has split and needs drilling out.
Front wheel is the wrong size should be 18 inch buts it’s a 17 inch.
Brake, clutch, throttle and choke cables need oiling.
Tappet cover leaks oil.
Footrest hanger stickers missing.
Fork oil seals leaking.
Fork drain plug thread stripped.
Tank and side panels need repainting
Number plate bracket needs making.
Needs a new number plate.
One of the screw holes for the rear light is broken.
Seal missing for rear light.
Seal missing from air box.
Clip missing from carburettor/air box pipe.
Toolkit missing.
Toolbox mounting  plate broken.
Fuse lead missing from battery compartment.
Battery cushion missing.
Battery insulator cap missing.
Spare fuse holder missing.
Drive chain guide needs replacing.
Still need to clean the main engine and crankcase and the frame area around the swinging arm.
Need to complete a full service running through the entire service schedule in one go.

If you read it quick it doesn’t sound too bad. In practice at a few hours per week its a lot of work and a fair few quid in bits. The picture below shows the current state of play.

 Half way there!

Next post will be forks. I promise.

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